Our ambition is clear: we want to bring the bicycle industry back to the Netherlands. With the automated production of the monocoque frame, we have taken the first step. With our new model, the recently introduced Mokumono Polder, we show that we do not engage in air cycling. In addition to the frame, we now also produce, to our own design, the handlebars and front fork in the Netherlands. Thanks to the technical ingenuity of Donk Industries from IJsselstein.


Century-old technology alive and well

You wouldn't know it but Donk Industries in IJsselstein, founded in 1932, is a relatively young injection molding company. After all, the first iron foundry in the Netherlands dates back to 1689! That we have the handlebars and front forks of the Mokumono Polder made in IJsselstein is perhaps surprising. Still, we don't just look at developments outside the - conservative - bicycle industry, we also look at what the Dutch manufacturing industry has to offer. And then it turns out that there are plenty of Dutch companies that not only know how to respond to current market demand, but also, through clever automation, have resisted the temptation to move their production to low-wage countries. Donk Industries is one such company.


Just made in the Netherlands

Donk Industries has mastered the technique of aluminum injection molding to perfection. Exactly the technique we were looking for to form the handlebars and front forks of the Mokumono Polder we designed ourselves. By the way, we were inspired by Tesla. Gigacasting is what Tesla calls it, where large parts of the chassis are cast in one piece. Similarly, at Donk Industries, liquid aluminum is poured under high pressure into a mold to make two halves of the Polder's front fork, which are then glued together. The handlebars are also cast under high pressure in a mold that eliminates the need for the stem. The result forms a beautiful unity with the Polder's robust frame.


Mokumono chooses Donk

Discovering that we could have Polder parts made entirely to our own specifications in IJsselstein in the Netherlands was an eye-opener for Tom Schiller, co-founder of Mokumono: "The manufacturing industry for bicycles has completely disappeared from the Netherlands, a real mortal sin. By redefining the production process of how a bicycle is made and by looking at how it is done in other industries, it turns out that it can be done. Just look at our frames, at the wheels and fenders and handlebars and forks from Polder. Everything Made in The Netherlands!




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