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It was a bit of a wait for Mokumono's Polder - I was one of the early bookers and therefore had to wait a bit longer. Meanwhile, they can deliver the bikes pretty quickly in my opinion. But just before Christmas 2023 I was able to pick it up after all. It was well worth the wait!

It is a fantastic solid and great riding bike. I fell for its striking frame and apparent simplicity. Locally produced worth possible with high quality components. The support is very natural-really like having the wind at your back-and the electric motor is barely audible.



Ever since I read an article about the Polder this summer (2023) I became interested. All the ideas about common objects like this electric bicycle from Mokumono fit with my own views. The design, simplicity, durability, technical ingenuity and the fact that almost everything on this bike is made in the Netherlands and Europe knocked me on my ass.
After 5 months of waiting I received an email from Bob that the frame had arrived and assembly had started. As you will understand this felt like redemption.

Joop Schouten


I also had to be patient, but now my matte green polder is finally where it belongs: with me😀
First impression after 1 week and over 100 km:
What a pleasure to ride this bike.
Silently you float through the environment with the feeling that you are cycling yourself, but without feeling any fatigue.
Perfectly adjustable with the app. Everything a bike needs is there, but no unnecessary gadgets.